Chris Althouse

Co-FOUNDER, president, and majestic unicorn

"I have a dream! A craft beer dream!"  Once upon a time, Chris Althouse and Drew Salmi had a very big dream. A dream to make Corvallis Beer Week a reality. Through perseverance, stubbornness, brilliance, blood, sweat, tears, and many, many pints of beer, Corvallis Beer Week was born!

Chris started his beer life as a Co-Founder at Oakshire Brewing in Eugene. Through out the years he's worn many hats in the beer world, and currently is the Distribution Manager and *Pew*Pew*Pew* distributor at Block 15 Brewing Company in our beautiful Corvallis Oregon.


Anne Hull

emailer extraordinaire; aka the "secretary",
and blondish-ginger.

One time Chris Althouse said "Hey, you wanna help with Beer Week?" and Anne said "HELLS YES!" Little did she know what this undertaking actually meant. Long nights, muchos margaritas, never-ending emails and endless high-fives.

Anne is the current Beer Curator and Front of House Manager at Caves Bier & Kitchen in Corvallis, Oregon.


Drew Salmi

Co-FOUNDER, and Ghost of christmas past

Through a series of one-ups, drunken moments of brilliance and an ongoing rock-paper-scissors match, Chris and Drew eventually made the first Beer Week a reality in 2011. Having helped with the flawless execution of years 1-4, and knowing he could never top perfection, Drew left us for Portland, and is currently working at The Labrewatory.

He may be gone, but he is absolutely, never ever forgotten. And most years he comes to haunts us, generally with shots of cheap whiskey, and love.